Issues Often Contested in Divorce

Although 90% of divorces in the United States are classified as “uncontested”, meaning that spouses agree on the terms of the divorce, the other 10% of divorces are contested. In contested divorces, divorcing spouses are unable to agree on specific terms of the divorce, which makes the intervention of an attorney necessary to find a solution. There are many terms that divorcing spouses find it difficult to agree on, but negotiating these terms with the help of a lawyer can make the negotiation process less stressful.

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Highly Contested Subjects

Though each marriage is unique, there are a surprising number of issues that become points of conflict in many of them. Some of the most commonly contested aspects of a divorce include:

  • Child visitation rights
  • Child support payments
  • Alimony / spousal support payments
  • Division of property
  • Division of assets

These are aspects of divorce negotiations that are sources of contention in most contested divorces in the United States, though this list is, of course, limited. No matter what the source of contention is in your own divorce negotiations, an attorney may be able to help pursue a resolution so that you can move on with your life.

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