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Divorce & Child Custody Legal Services

"Awesome Divorce & Child Custody Lawyer!"

"Thank you, Mr. Fischer!!! I would and have recommended this Michael Fischer to friends. I had a very difficult divorce/child custody. He and his office were very thorough and I always knew where the case was and what I needed to do. Mr. Fischer was always available to speak with me even with some of the roughest times of my life and was always professional but also compassionate as well."

- Elizabeth Mila, San Marcos, CA

Child Custody Legal Services Revew

"Thank you, Michael Fischer, you really are great at what you do."

"Going through a very stressful time Michael Fischer really helped me through it all. He helped me fight my case and took a lot of weight off my shoulders in order to get full custody of my son. He reported back to me all the updates with my case and ended up winning my case!

- Former Client, San Marcos California

Divorce & Child Custody Legal Services

"Never Lost Sight of the Goal"

"Going through my custody battle was very emotionally trying. I was lucky to have chosen Fischer & Van Thiel to help me protect the most valuable asset of my children. At the initial interview, I was informed that the children and their safety were a primary concern of the firm. While I like this, I was concerned when they said you had to trust your attorney because their wee time when they may have to give you advice that is not what you want to hear. As we progressed through the process I came to understand what they were referring to as there were many times when it became apparent that they knew the law and how the judge would respond. They were very good at telling me, even before the hearing, how the ruling was going to go and what to expect. I am thankful for the help I received and would encourage others in need of help to talk to these attorneys.."

- Mithila Parker, San Marcos, CA

Divorce & Child Support Legal Services

"Terrific Divorce & Child Support Lawyer!"

"I dealt with a man for over 2 years who was only concerned with breaking me and reducing support payments for his children. Mr. Fischer helped me to stop his constant harassment and to find income that he had attempted to hide which actually increased the support due to me each month."

- David Sebastian, San Marcos, CA

Divorce & Child Custody Legal Services

"Thank You for Everything!"

"I wanted to take a moment and thank Mike Fischer my divorce attorney for all that he did for me. He made a very difficult time much easier. We ended up using divorce mediation instead of going at each other in court and we are happy we did! It was much more civil and our focus was on our children. Thank you for everything you have done and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is considering divorce."

- Kaylee Victoria, San Marcos, CA

Divorce & Child Support Legal Services

"Just a Great Attorney"

"My wife and I started our divorce over two years ago, and I was at a standstill with my wife, as my attorney at the time, had No Plan. I had to make a decision to hire a new attorney and decided on Mike Fischer. He came highly recommended and was able to expedite things farther than my first attorney in less than 2 months. I couldn't be happier with Mikes's Legal Services!"

- David Sebastian, San Marcos, CA

Child Custody Legal Services

"Thanks, Thomas!"

"He was there every step of the way. Helped make this custody situation a little more bearable. Thank you, Tom and Linda."- Maria, San Marcos, CA

Divorce Legal Services

"They're very dependable, knowledgeable, and experienced."

"The Fischer & Van Thiel Firm is a great firm. They're very dependable, knowledgeable, and experienced. I definitely recommend them."

- Elizabeth G., San Marcos, CA

Family Law Legal Services

"This office is really good, thanks for everything."

- Patti A., San Marcos, CA

Divorce & Ongoing Family Law Services

"Friendly and knowledgeable — I highly recommend them!"

- Allison O., San Marcos, CA

Family Law Legal Services

"Friendly and knowledgeable — I highly recommend them!"

- Allison O., San Marcos, CA

Family Law Legal Services

"Fischer & Van Thiel is a very knowledgeable office and great to work with!"

- Chelsey G., San Marcos, CA

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