Kids Coping with Divorce

Your children belong to both you and your spouse, no matter how messy divorce is or becomes. Kids need support and reassurance from both parents so that they can be less confused about the complicated divorce situation.

With divorce comes a whole new life, a new living situation, and new emotions. A once happy, the complete family is now one that is splintered and filled with many new emotions and tensions. You need to sit down with your children and discuss the following things:

What are we going to do now?

Children have insecurities of the future and maybe wondering where they will be going to school, will they see their friends, or if they can see their other parents. Why not put those fears to rest. Prepare the answers to any number of practical questions that children may ask you, and keep your answers consistent.


Children have just as many emotions as adults. They may think that they hate you, that they are depressed, sad, angry, or scared. Whatever the case may be, you need to let your children know that you understand what they are feeling and they can talk to you when they need to.

Keeping a Stable Life

Come up with ways to keep your life as stable and consistent as possible. Your children need this to move on from this traumatic situation.

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