The Importance of Telling People about a Divorce

Although divorces have lost much of the stigma that they used to have, many people still are embarrassed about their own divorces. They may be reluctant to tell their friends and family of their divorce out of fear of being ostracized or blamed. These feelings, while understandable, are unfounded. It is important to tell people close to you about your divorce for multiple reasons.

Divorces can lead to feelings of isolation and helplessness, and friends and family can offer support. People close to you can make the process of transitioning into normal life without a spouse easier. They can help you take your mind off the divorce by spending time with you, taking you out, and just talking with you.

Aside from offering support, friends and family can offer guidance. They may have been through a divorce before, or they may have helped others who have been through a divorce. Because of these experiences, they can offer advice as to what a divorcee can do to cope with the divorce and move on with their life.

Finally, friends and family can help divorcees help understand why the divorce happened. Many times, spouses may feel that they were at fault for the end of the marriage, and this may lead to depression. Friends and family, however, can help put the divorce into perspective by helping the divorcee more level-headedly explore what went wrong.

It is understandable that people may be reluctant to tell those close to them about divorce. Being open, however, is a wise step to take because it will help overcome any trauma associated with the divorce.

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