Divorce Rate in America

With an estimated  50% divorce rate in America, people are losing faith in marriage, rather than thinking about that number and what it means. First, one must examine the numbers that only refer to people who are getting married for the first time. Of all first time marriages, 41% of those marriages end in divorce.

The reason for this number can be linked to many things. For one, Americans tend to marry younger than many European or Asians, which may be one reason for the high rate. Ages 24 and younger who get married have a much higher percentage chance of getting divorced (about 50%), while people who get married at an older age have a lower chance of getting divorced.

However, when looking at those people who get married for a second or third time, the chance of getting divorced again is higher. For second marriages the divorce rate is 60%, and for third marriages, over 70%. All these numbers are counted in that overall 40-50% American divorce rate. Those who get divorced once are much more likely to get divorced again.

One thing that has been found to keep people from getting a divorce is children. Those couples with children are much less likely to get a divorce, even if they are having marriage problems. These couples are more likely to try and to work things out.

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