Common Questions about Divorce

Divorce is a complicated legal proceeding. If you have questions about divorce this is completely normal. However, figuring out what questions are important and necessary to understand can be tricky.

Here are some common questions about divorce:

What if my spouse is not related to my child?

— If your spouse is not the father or the mother of your child, the court is likely to require DNA testing to verify this for the court record.

What is the first step for filing for divorce?

— You must first submit a petition for “Dissolution of Marriage”. This petition will ask you to give a general outline of all your property and monetary holdings. You must also state any shared children you have with your partner.

Do we have to have separate lawyers?

— You do not have to have different lawyers. If you feel like there is not going to be too much arguing and fighting, then you can have the same lawyer. However, if you feel like there is a lot at stake and that you need your own lawyer to argue your case, separate lawyers are advised.

These are important questions that you should be asking yourself if you are going through a divorce or preparing to go through a divorce.

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