Telling Your Parents About Your Divorce

Your relationship with your parents stretches back your entire life. They’ve been there for just about every major event in your life, including your wedding. And chances are they have had a relationship with your spouse over the years. So telling them that you are getting a divorce can be a difficult, awkward experience. After all, it is news that will affect them personally and may disappoint them as much as it disappoints you.

Breaking the News

If you and your spouse are ending the relationship amicably, it can be best to break the news of the divorce together. Telling your parents together can help smooth tensions, and help answer any questions they might have. That being said, if your marriage is ending acrimoniously, it’s probably a good idea to visit your parents alone and avoid the possibility of another argument breaking out.

Remember that your parents will probably have their own feelings about the end of your marriage and that, while they will want to help you through your troubled times, you don’t want to overburden them with problems.


If you have children, the visitation rights of the grandparents are something to keep in mind. In order to be granted specific visitation rights, the grandparents must prove that it is necessary for the children’s well-being. Otherwise, it is important for the parents to make sure the grandparents remain a part of their children’s lives.

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