A couple deciding that their marriage should be terminated faces perhaps the most difficult decision they will ever make. Divorce can occur as a result of a wide variety of reasons. If both partners wish to make their divorce proceedings as quick and amicable as possible, a mediated divorce is often the best option. This form of divorce allows spouses to come to an agreement they both find satisfactory. A mediator will participate in the process to ensure that both sides are treated fairly and justly.

In mediation, the process can be overseen by either one or two attorneys. All parties involved will work diligently to settle any problems that could make the divorce more difficult than it needs to be. Mediated divorces have a number of benefits, such as being less costly and quicker than a contested divorce. The stress that can result from a troubled divorce is also significantly lessened. The shorter time in resolving issues, however, does not mean that the process will be less professionally executed.  Overall, it’s important to know that a family law litigator can help in making the process as easy as possible.

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