Four Characteristics of a Good Divorce Attorney

In order for a client to have a good chance of securing a favorable divorce agreement, their attorney must exhibit a group of very important characteristics. These factors range from their willingness to negotiate to their ability to strategically execute a plan of action that leaves no room for argument.

It doesn’t matter if the case is a highly contested divorce or if you and your spouse are amicably negotiating terms such as child custody/support, asset distribution, or division of property, a highly-skilled attorney who displays the following qualities is the attorney you want by your side.

Case-Building Skills

The fate of each case depends entirely on how the attorney structures a plan of action. For example, specific strategies on how assets should be allocated between his/her client and the other party can be negotiated through mediation or can be settled through a trial if no agreement can be made. The outline the lawyer develops should always have contingencies in place in case one of his or her strategies should fail.

Genuine Care For Their Client

It’s a fact that many attorneys are more interested in the paycheck that accompanies a successful outcome than they are in their client’s well-being. An honest and hard-working lawyer should not be intimidated by a long divorce battle and encourage you to settle for less than you deserve. The level of care should remain the same before, during, and after a case.

Confidence Is Key

Confidence should not be confused with arrogance. A confident attorney will know when the time is right to be assertive, when to compromise, or when the situation calls for more defensive strategies. The ability to remain unemotional is also an important trait a lawyer should possess. It isn’t uncommon for both attorneys to engage in verbal arguments, and during these times, the representing counsel should not make concessions unless it is in their client’s best interests.

Openness To Negotiation

Negotiation is one of the founding principles of divorce law. A lawyer who is effective with words and can effectively persuade the other party is invaluable. For example, the cost and length of a contested divorce can be significantly reduced with the help of an experienced negotiator and a willingness to compromise, making the entire process much easier and less expensive overall.

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