Choosing the Right Type of Custody Arrangement

One of the most difficult choices to come out of any divorce arrangement is the one that determines who will get custody of the children. The decision is a tough one because the outcome may very well decide the future health and happiness of the children, and it’s understandable that it can be a contentious issue. There are a few different options you can consider, and it can help to discuss your situation with an experienced divorce attorney before you come to any final decision.

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Custody Arrangement Options

While there are a large variety of different options you can consider in determining custody of your children following your divorce, there are three main types most people consider:

  • Sole physical custody. The most common type of physical custody arrangement, sole custody involves a child living full-time with a single parent. This parent is responsible for making the daily decisions that affect the child.
  • Joint physical custody. An option rapidly gaining in popularity, joint physical custody arrangements allow the child to split time living parts of the year with each parent.
  • Joint legal custody. Many child custody arrangements, including sole physical custody arrangements, allow for joint legal custody. Both parents share the responsibility of making large decisions affecting the child – decisions regarding religious upbringing, education, and medical treatment.

No matter what arrangement you settle on, your child may benefit from the consideration of several different options.

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