Child Abuse and Neglect

Child abuse is one of the most horrendous acts a person can commit, but it is an unfortunately common occurrence. Every week, Child Protective Services (CPS) receives 50,000 calls about suspected child abuse and neglect cases across the country. Most cases of child abuse are due to neglect, in which a child’s parents or guardians fail to provide basic necessities for the child to develop and thrive. Physical abuse is the next most common form of child abuse, followed by sexual abuse, and finally, emotional abuse.

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Signs of Child Abuse

It is very important to know the signs of child abuse so you can file a claim with CPS as soon as possible, even if you are not a direct relative of the child in question. The signs of child abuse can differ depending on the specific type of abuse a child has suffered, but generally, signs of child abuse include:

  • Bruises, cuts, broken bones, and other physical indicators that someone has been physically beaten
  • Unhealthy or stunted growth and development
  • Loss of parent-child interactions
  • Signs that someone has been sexually abused, such as genital bleeding
  • Becoming withdrawn and other changes in behavior
  • Changes in school performance
  • Changes in a child’s social behavior

If you believe your spouse or ex-spouse is abusing your child, it is essential that you take action immediately to protect your child from suffering any further harm.

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