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San Marcos Legal Separation Attorney

When you and your spouse no longer want to be together, but divorce is not the right option for ending your marriage or domestic partnership, a legal separation may be the best choice for you. Many California residents choose to file for legal separation rather than divorce as it gives you the separation from your spouse that you want or need without having your marital status actually terminated by the courts.

However, achieving legal separation can sometimes be difficult, especially considering the large amount of paperwork that must be filed with the court. In order to ensure that your legal separation goes as planned and that your interests are well-protected during this process, contact the experienced San Marcos legal separation attorneys from Fischer & Van Thiel LLP, at (760)757-6854 today. We can provide you the legal support and aid that you need to reach the legal separation you want.

Basics of a Legal Separation

Many people choose to file for legal separation rather than divorce for a number of reasons. For some, religious beliefs or insurance status plays a large part in making this decision. For others, the benefits of legal separation are more attractive than those of divorce. Unlike divorce, legal separation does not require a trial period, allowing couples to separate immediately. Additionally, in order to file for a legal separation in California, neither spouse has to be a resident or must have lived in the state for a period of time prior to the separation.

While these facets of legal separations guide many people to choosing this avenue for separating from their spouses, it is important to remember two things about legal separation: the legal separation must be agreed upon by both parties, otherwise it becomes a divorce, and a legal separation does not allow either spouse to remarry in the future unless they obtain a divorce.

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When you want to separate from your spouse, you may need help reaching a separation agreement with your spouse or filing the necessary legal documents. With the support of a San Marcos separation agreements lawyer from Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, you can rest assured that your interests and rights are being protected during this process. Contact us at (760)757-6854 to discuss how we can guide you through this situation.

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